By making a purchase on our website independently or with the help of one of our agents, you agree to the terms of our Public Offer Agreement.

You can find the full text of the Agreement here

Have no time to read the Agreement? Here are the main Terms of Use of our service.

We are obliged:

  • To provide you with accurate information about each offer in our catalogue;
  • To send you a confirmation of the reservation within 72 hours (maximum);
  • To return the amount you paid, in case we cannot confirm the reservation;
  • If the booking is confirmed, we’ll send you an e-ticket, as a confirmation that everything has been paid and booked. You will need to present this ticket at the place of the service receipt to a guide at the beginning of the excursion (or an administrator of the spa before treatment, or other, depending on the service you purchased);
  • If you have a fully paid e-ticket, we’ll provide you with the service indicated in the ticket (excursion, activity, dinner, spa procedure, and etc.).

You agree to:

  • Provide us with correct data for booking and ticket registration;
  • Pay the selected service in full;
  • Comply with the rules specified in the description of the service (not be late, pay a penalty in case of cancellation, if specified; comply with safety rules, and etc.).
  • Comply with the generally accepted rules of decency (behave adequately, comply with the rules announced by the guide, and etc.) If there was a need to return the payment for one of our services (for example, in case of cancellation of a tour or non-confirmation of a booking):
  • We can not refund to you the amount exceeding the one that was paid;
  • If the refund occurs because you decided to cancel the purchase, we will return the money after deducting the bank commission, as well as the cancellation fee, if it is provided in the description of the service;
  • If you paid with a card on our website, then the money will be returned to the same card;
  • If you paid our agent in cash, then the money will be returned by the employee at our company’s office. In order to do this, you will need to contact us via chat or by the contact phone numbers;
  • If the service can not be provided due to force majeure (flood, storm, volcanic eruption, etc.), we will return the money after deduction of the actual costs of our service.

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