Secrets of the East

Secrets of the East


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We invite you to see the real Bali! Have an exciting journey to the east of the island. An incredible adventure awaits you on Secrets of the East Tour. You will see ancient and majestic temples, magnificent gardens, traditional villages, clean beaches, a road through rice terraces and incredible landscapes.

First, you will go to the Bat Cave Temple, or rather the sacred cave of Goa Lawah, where these nocturnal animals live. According to legend, not only they live in the cave, but also the dragon Basuki.

The next place will strike you with its beauty. This is the water palace of Tirta Gangga. It is a labyrinth of pools and fountains, surrounded by a lush garden, with stone carvings and statues. Its total area is about 1.3 hectares. Can you imagine that?

There are only two water palaces in Bali. After visiting Tirta Gangga you will go to Taman Ujung — king's garden. The most interesting thing is that the palace combines three ideas of the authors:
1. Water – a symbol of life.
2. The ideal state.
3. Mix of three architectural styles: Balinese, European and Chinese.
The area of the palace exceeds 10 hectares. The guide will tell you everything about the construction of the palace and all the structures on site.

Before the trip to the last place of the tour, you will go to the clean and beautiful Virgin Beach. Indulge yourself as we take you to relax, rest, sunbath and swim, of course.

We will visit Tenganan village, which is a very special place. This is one of the oldest settlements on the island. Here, the customs of the indigenous inhabitants of Bali, the Bali-Aga tribe, have been preserved, because until 1965 the village was completely closed to foreigners. People live here the way they lived hundreds of years ago. Local craftsmen create manually the most beautiful ikat fabrics, which, according to legend, give divine protection to the one who wears them.

Important Information

Operation Days
Time of the tour
9:00 - 17:00
Pick up time and place

At 9:00 we will meet you at your hotel or villa.

What to expect


Visiting places:

  • Goa Lawah Bat cave and temple
  • Tirta Ganga Water Palace
  • Taman Ujung king's palace and garden
  • Virgin Beach
  • Traditional village Tenganan


  • Transport (a comfortable air-conditioned car)
  • English speaking guide service
  • Entrance fees
Not included
  • food and drinks
  • tips

Additional Information

Cancellation in less than 24 hour in advance or no-show - 100% charge



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