Bird Park Entrance Ticket

Bird Park Entrance Ticket


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Bali Bird Park invites you to discover numerous exotic inhabitants of jungles of Indonesia, Latin America and African savannas.

You may feed birds and watch shows with them upon regular schedule! The park is divided into seven regions where a natural habitat of birds is recreated, including flora. You will see: the second biggest bird in the world - cassowary, the biggest pigeon in the world, rare black cockatoo, toucans and hornbills, birds-of-paradise, as well as peafowls, grey crowned cranes and guineafowls walking on the territory of the park.

Also, here you will be able to see another Indonesian endemic - Komodo dragon that lives only in wilderness of the Komodo Island and two near-by islands.

The park provides conveniences for its visitors offering a wide range of cafés, where you will be able to enjoy fresh food and beverages, and a playground for children if you came with the family.

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  • Admission to the park
  • Birds show and feeding on schedule
  • Komodo dragon feeding (Thursday 11:00, Friday 14:30)
  • 4D cinema 
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